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The desire to organize your own business leads a person to the need to find suitable ideas. And here it is important to choose an option that will maximally correspond…

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3D printer, or new technologies in the service of people
There is a myth that Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev saw his periodic table of chemical elements in a dream. Chuck Hull, the man who invented 3D printing, also saw his future…

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Manufacturing Business Ideas
The production of various goods necessary for the normal functioning of a person is much more profitable than the resale of similar products. But it also requires much larger capital…

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How a girl without education was able to open a successful business and become a billionaire

Apple and Samsung have long been one of the largest and most regular customers of Lens Technologies. Few people know that she founded this large (leading manufacturer of touch screens) company girl who did not even receive school education.

Her name is Zhou Qunfei.

She is known as the most successful billionaire woman who organized her business from scratch.

Zhou Qunfei is a formerly desperate young girl who dropped out of school at 16 and worked as a full-time employee in the factory.


The girl lost her mother at age 5, remaining in the care of a half-blind disabled father who lost his eyesight due to an industrial injury. Not out of her will, she left school at 16, she just had to survive somehow. Over time, the strong-willed young Zhou began to climb the career ladder, reaching ever greater heights, was able to organize her own business.

Currently, Lens Technologies is a leading supplier of special protective glass used not only on iPhone and Samsung Galaxy mobile devices, but also on tablets, laptops and other touch devices.

The founder of this company recently celebrated its 45th anniversary.

This year, the Qunfei company entered the IPO, and the project scope of work already exceeds one million units of products, screens for all kinds of gadgets. The share of the founder of Lens Technology is estimated at 7.2 billion dollars.

The need to earn forced the very young Zhou, quite successful in school lessons, to leave school and look for work. For three months, a young employee worked at the factory for 18 hours a day and received a dollar for it.

She had to do boring work – to make lenses for watches. Having worked in such a difficult regime for three months, the industrious, but inquisitive Zhou turned to the boss with gratitude that she was honored to be hired, and asked for her dismissal, since endless processing and routine work are hard for her.

The letter otherwise decided her fate, because the boss did not want to fire Zhou, but offered her a raise.

She knew her business from and to

Since Zhou began to grow from the very bottom, she had the opportunity to thoroughly study each of the stages of production, to see all the difficulties and shortcomings in the organization. She also deeply studied the lens manufacturing technology itself.

The habit of delving into the process and observing the process remains to this day. Zhou, having reached the heights in his favorite business, still comes to the factory and oversees the work of employees. Moreover, Ms. Zhou does not disdain to replace the operator or another employee, checking how the equipment works and whether something needs to be repaired, replaced.

She relied only on herself and did everything herself

At 22, Qunfei (this was in 1993), left the factory in order to open her own business. To open her own business, relatives helped her raise $ 3,000, but Zhou herself was engaged in the development of the company.

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Zunfei herself designed and debugged factory equipment, learned complex techniques, screen printing, and other techniques, thanks to which she improved in the art of printing on curved glass.

Honest Zhou did not delay her employees’ salaries and sold her house twice, having no other opportunity to give them money for work. For almost 10 years, Qunfei fought for a place in her niche, until 2003 her company developed and suffered forced falls, fought with competitors and overcame difficulties of various kinds, like any ordinary company. Heights reached Zhou later, but how – read on.

She sought out opportunities and tenaciously implemented her ideas.

The fateful year, a turning point in the life of Zhou herself and the entire company that manufactures watch glass, was 2003. One fine day she got a call from Motorola with a proposal to improve glass screens for the new model of their phone – Razr V3.

If you recall, all the phones in those years had plastic screens, as well as other parts of the design. Motorola decided to implement the idea with a glass screen, more durable and less susceptible to the effects of solid objects.

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