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Idea from Abroad: Expired Goods Store

How often do you buy and eat expired goods? If you live in the CIS, then be sure that such products are in your diet absolutely not intentionally on your part, because of the carelessness and enterprise of supermarkets.

Expired Store

Of course, supermarkets during the interruption insist that all goods with an expired shelf life immediately disappear from the shelves and are disposed of, but life experience shows that these goods leave the shelves only in order to get a new sticker, and along with the sticker a new one implementation period.

However, I propose only to think about how many goods are thrown away due to the expiration of the guaranteed shelf life? A huge number of people live on little money and have to count every penny in order to buy food and clothing. Why throw away goods that would help people live at least a little better?

Expired Store

A whole network of social stores has appeared in the West that specialize in selling expired products and goods.

Of course, the goods are selected carefully and only what couldn’t deteriorate due to the fact that its sale period ended two days ago: condensed milk, pasta, cereals, oils stored in the right conditions, household chemicals and other similar products.

These social stores became so popular among buyers that they had to introduce a special card system and separate really needy people from prudent and economical owners.

Demand for goods with reduced cost has always been and will be! It’s enough to recall public transport, in which every morning hundreds of grandmothers and grandfathers get to the nearest market or large supermarket to purchase goods at least a little cheaper. And where there is demand, it would be logical to provide an offer!

Expired Store

Western stores operate not only in offline format, but also in online format.

So, in England, operates, which specializes in the sale of durable goods – canned food, animal feed, confectionery, vitamins and mineral supplements, household chemicals and cosmetics – all this and many other items can be found on this site.

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It is especially nice that next to the regular price of the product is a reduced price, which allows you to immediately calculate how many pounds you managed to save with a single purchase in this store.

For most skid goods, it is approximately 50%, in addition to the main discount, you can also participate in additional promotions that allow you to buy goods in small bulk at a reduced cost.

The owner of this online stock store is Dan Claderay. The first deal was made by Dan just 6 years ago, in 2008, and after 6 years he is already a millionaire.

Work is carried out through a warehouse located in Sheffield. Dan employs about fifty people. About 600 orders are processed daily, which are distributed not only in England, but also in other European countries.

Expired Store

And about 42% of people go to the website via direct links. This means that they are either regular customers or friends of regular customers who shared their store address with great discounts on goods.

No direct store has such conversion rates for direct links in Russia. The only person in the world Dan can compete with is Ruslan Kogan, who created a company in Australia with the motto “Cheaper than everyone else!”

As you can see, a discount store with expired goods does not require advertising or promotions. People themselves will find the store with the lowest prices and will even bring friends!

The only thing that stops us from opening a store in Russia is difficulties with the law. In our country, it is forbidden to sell expired goods.

All products with an expired shelf life should be immediately removed from sale and disposed of. The solution may be to conduct an examination, which can confirm the fact that the product does not spoil directly “day to day”, but can be consumed for its intended purpose (or as food) for an additional amount of time.

The process of contracting with supermarkets can also take some time, but “whoever does not take risks does not win.” The bold decision to open a store of expired goods will help not only the business owner to earn millions, but also people will save some money.

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