Microfinance organization: how to open and where to start?
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Business ideas without capital
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Website of business ideas
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The business of making fancy chocolates

In life, nothing happens by chance. Once Oleg Guskov went around the supermarket in search of an unusual chocolate treat for his beloved, found nothing and decided to create a delicious and unusual product on his own.

To do this, he needed to buy raw materials abroad, agree with the restaurant on the piece production of goodies, and come up with a scheme for working with clients. The scheme worked, the costs paid off and in just three months.

Oleg returned all the invested funds.

After three years of active work, Oleg’s company produces about 3,000 chocolates daily, and also produces cakes, macaroons and granola.

A successful business project from a student – chocolates for beloved women for every taste

1. Start

Oleg ended up in Moscow because of his studies, he came from Ukraine to conquer the capital and study at the International Institute of Economics and Finance at the Higher School of Economics. Thoughts about making money came to the fore almost immediately, and after the first year the idea of ​​a “sweet” business came up.

Oleg recalls that then a lot of things coincided: at first he won a large sum of money in the bookmaker (Oleg went there with interest in mathematics – calculated probabilities and statistics, made bets based on numbers and not his heart), a couple of days later he ended up in a supermarket, in which I could not find chocolate with an interesting taste, and a few hours later I met a friend at Starbucks, where the first design of the company’s future website was born over a cup of coffee.

After that, a business plan was drawn up, which was sent to all possible directions and to various competitions. One of the contests helped win a trip to London, where he studied at the London School of Economics.
True, I had to say goodbye to the university – since the choice between HSE and London was not difficult to make 🙂

2. Primary capital

The entire starting capital amounted to a very small amount of 120 thousand rubles: Oleg brought 100,000 from the bookmaker, and found 20 thousand in personal reserves.

It was not possible to organize their own production with such money, so he began to look for options for working to order. Together with his friend Oleg phoned more than a thousand restaurants throughout Moscow, reciprocating them in the restaurant “Palazzo Ducale.” The restaurant agreed to make chocolate from Oleg’s raw materials for just 15 rubles.

The full production cycle consisted of such stages: the purchase of chocolate was carried out in Belgium, the chocolate was delivered to a restaurant where it was melted, poured into molds, special ingredients were added to it, molds with chocolate were placed in the refrigerator until solidified, and then checked and packaged.

A successful business project from a student – chocolates for beloved women for every taste

The system for working with orders was chosen as follows: daily orders are automatically generated and transferred to confectioners, confectioners have a day to make orders, and at night packers collect chocolates and form packages for customers, in the morning packages are sent to couriers, and new orders are sent to confectioners.

At present, Oleg’s company has reached such a level that it can process up to 1,500 different orders daily, and if it is required to produce the same type of product, then up to three thousand pieces can be made in a day.

Orders are either ordinary (for chocolates with unusual tastes) or unusual (one of the customers tempered a chocolate weighing 1.5 kg to declare love to his beloved girl).

3. Promotion and advertising

Since there was no money for promotion and advertising at the start-up stage, I had to work with paper ads, advertisements and ribbons in social networks. The first customers were friends and friends of friends.

A month later, there was already enough money for contextual advertising. The money spent paid off in just three weeks, after a month – they rented an office for 20 square meters, and after 8 months they rented a 200-meter room, with an office and employees.

Where to get money to start your own business? It is this problem that 95% of beginning entrepreneurs face! In the article “Where to get money for a business” we revealed the most relevant ways to get start-up capital for an entrepreneur. We also recommend that you carefully study the results of our experiment in exchange earnings: “see the results of the experiment”
After three years, the company already has 55 full-time employees, excluding couriers.

4. Team

Oleg Guskov recalls with nostalgia the time when he had to do everything on his own – to pack orders, work as a courier, etc. After all, initially there was no free money and had to do everything yourself.

After a while, Oleg invited his fellow student to help him work with finances, and he himself took up the development of the company, marketing and management.

The main thing in business is to find reliable employees and partners. Employees work better when they are Professionals. But Professionals require decent pay.

These common truths were given to Oleg is not easy. One of the ex-cooks threatened to set fire to an apartment, a car, and an office.

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